The CrossFit Open starts this week!  Have you signed up yet?  Be a part of the largest CrossFit competition EVER.  Some notes about the open and our weekly schedule during the next 5 weeks.

1. You are responsible for getting your workout score submitted and validated each week (either by video or at an Affiliate).  We will be offering judging services to help with this on a weekly basis.

2. FREE Open judging will take place on Saturday at 11 am at CrossFit NOLA 504 at 540 N Cortez unless otherwise noted.  There will not be any Saturday competitors class during the open.  (This lowers your entry cost to $20 for the WHOLE Open!)

3. If you are not able to come on Saturday between 11 am and 1 pm, you must make an appointment with us write to get judged.  The cost for a judging appointment will be $20.  If you are on Rx or Rx+ you will get a discount off this rate.  Brandon and Jeff among others will try to run some people through on Thursday evenings during competitors class, but this will be by appointment, be sure to schedule with us, we cannot accommodate huge numbers at this time.

4. The first weekend of the Open we will be sending Coach Liz and a group to Crescent City CrossFit to participate in Open WOD 13.1.  Reply to this email if you would like to join Liz for this, we would love to send 10 people to represent CF NOLA and 504!

5. The Open is supposed to be fun, keep this in mind during the next 5 weeks, try to focus on doing your best and just forget the rest.  If you let your focus drift onto others, you will not enjoy the next 5 weeks like you should.

6. Sign up for the correct gym (NOLA or 504) AND team (NOLA or 504)

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Thanks to your blog, I'm gonna create one now too, thank you.


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