Please sign up for classes. If you do not sign up (especially the morning classes) 30 minutes prior to class there is a possibility there will not be a coach there.
Today we cleaned the back room and we have  a giant box of lost and found. If you have lost anything in the past year please go claim it. If not, we will be giving it to good will, throwing it away, or you could possibly see Liz wearing items around the gym.

Would anyone be interested in doing Secret Santa for the Christmas Party Saturday night? I propose that those interested bring a wrapped gift valued at 10 dollars or less and we can do a trade. Post in comments if you are interested.

We are trying to come up with a theme for the Christmas party.
Liz suggested Barbells and Beer. Any other thoughts? I'm pretty sure there's going to be a one armed barbell  snatch/drinking beer contest
12/8/2011 05:06:44 am

His one arm snatch is better than my regular snatch!


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