If you haven't signed up for this yet, what are you waiting for!  We have been challenged by CrossFit Alexandria, Ragin CrossFit and Ole Glory CrossFit to submit a top male and female score for the right to hold a traveling kettlebell trophy for a year!  Both St. Jude Children's Hospital and CrossFit NOLA need your help!! 

To date CrossFit NOLA has raised $3316 to benefit St Jude Children's Research Hospital!  Keep up the great work! Our HOPE workout will be Saturday June 9th at 540 N Cortez at CrossFit NOLA 504 at 11 am.  To be followed by BBQ.  As usual, we will bring some meat, feel free to bring any sides or anything you want to drink (paleo tequila...).

Alyse Rodriguez
Bradley Raines
Jeff Germond
Joshua Paulus
karla valdivia
Peyton Bush
Rachel Kohn
Rae Shih
Rodolfo SanMartin
Sarah Dewey
Shannon Oldfield
Taryn Heyman
Travis Llewellyn
Vilija Vaitaitis  

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