We are going to add a new class every other Saturday -- Gymnastics! This Saturday, the class will be at 9am at MidCity/504.

The purpose of this class is to give beginner, intermediate and advanced gym members the opportunity to work on gymnastic skills (handstands, kipping, pull-ups, push-ups, HSPUs, toes, to bar, muscle-ups, etc) without the time pressure of a WOD.  We will pick two or so beginner and advanced movements to cover each week, spend some time working on them with feedback from coaches, and then go into an "on the minute" -type WOD to build up a little more gymnastics capacity. You would be able to go to this class, and then probably still do the regular 10am WOD or 11am Competitors WOD, if you want.

Ryne and Liz will be coaching this, please contact Liz at crossfitnola@gmail.com if you have any questions about the class.
1/18/2013 04:16:15 am

Yay! So excited for this!


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