That's right we are OPEN!  WOD at 10 am, open gym to follow until 12:30pm ish, maybe later...


Warm Up: 
Run 400 m or Row 500 m

2 rounds
10 pass through
10 jumping squat with 45# barbell
10 second L sit

WOD: Holleyman
40 min cutoff

30 rounds
5 Wallball 20#/14# 10' target
3 Handstand Push up (or 5 regular push ups)
1 Power clean 225/135 (75%-80% 1RM)

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Aaron N. Holleyman, 27, of Glasgow, MS, assigned to the 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, based in Fort Campbell, KY, was killed on August 30, 2004, when his military vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in Khutayiah, Iraq. 

He is survived by his daughters Shelby and Erin, son Zachary, parents Ross and Glenda, and siblings Kelly and Daniel. 

11/22/2012 07:59:59 am

Warmup: Turtle Soup and cocktails/wine

Mobility: Unbutton pants, fully extend stomach EMOM for 10 min.

AMRAP 20 Min:
5 bites Turkey
5 bites Oyster Dressing
5 bites Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
5 bites Pecan Pie

Cool Down; Watch football/nap

Post results to comments.

11/22/2012 10:42:37 am

Only 20 minutes, Brian?


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