Hey Everyone..
All Classes are canceled Tuesday at 504 and Cf NOLA. We will have an open gym at CrossFit NOLA, uptown at 9am Tuesday morning until noon. I will post the Tuesday wod and you may do it during open gym, but you will be on your own.

If you have left items or are going to gym this evening, please be sure to clean up after yourselves as things will be stored away.
The coaches have been working all day to secure both buildings with tarps and sandbags and if there is a sudden change overnight, we don't want them coming in at 3am to secure the building. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you are desperate for a workout you can check out some travel wods on Crossfit.com

A great one is 150 burpees for time :)

If we lose power and I do not hear from Jeff (I'm in California now) by 8pm New Orleans time Tuesday evening, all classes will be canceled Wednesday. Keep watching the site for change in news.. Ya'll be safe!!!

Also, ALL FUNDAMENTALS classes will be postponed one week and begin again Tuesday, September 4th. Thanks!

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