This weekend Coach Jeff  represented CrossFit Nola/504 while competing with some of the top CrossFitters in the nation. He competed in 13 events over 2 days which included a 1 RM ( 1 rep max) Snatch and Clean and Jerk, an agility test, 5 RM Deadlift, 1 RM Bench Press, 3 x Max Effort Mile Runs, Max Reps Pullups, a Max Row for Calories and grueling WODs for an impressive finish. Jeff had at least 3 personal bests including a 1 RM Clean @290lbs, a 1 RM Bench @285lbs ( this was after 3 sub 6:30ish 1 mile runs, a 5RM personal best Deadlift  @410 lbs and 1 Max pullup attempt at 45 reps.) 

Click on the link to see the final scores !! You make us proud, Jeff!

To see more pics of this weekend click here, or visit the Crossfit NOLA facebook page!!

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