Please read the following carefully and direct any questions to Jeff or Mollie:

Beginning February 1 we will be changing our membership structure to simplify how you access the gym and the coaches.  The new membership will include all specialty/premium classes offered at  your selected gym.  Specialty classes will include powerlifting, run club, mobility and anything that is not just a "CrossFit WOD"  New classes that are still in the works include boxing/striking and Olympic weightlifting.   

In addition to access to all types of classes, these monthly memberships will include some additional services, outlined as follows:

"Scaled" - $130/month: 10 classes per month, phone and email coaching

"Rx" - $161/month: 14 classes per month, free tshirt, phone and email coaching, 10% off events and seminars, 5% off products

"Rx+" - $195/month: Unlimited classes, access to both gyms, free tshirt, 4 skill sessions* per year, phone and email coaching, 20% off events and seminars, 10% off products

"Family Rx+" - $310/month: Unlimited classes,  access to both gyms, 2 free tshirts, 8 skill sessions* per year, phone and email coaching, 20% off events and seminars, 10% off products 

*skill session is a private 30 min session with a coach to work on any skill of your choosing

note: there will be an additional charge (5%)  for not using auto pay

Class packages (punch cards) - $160 for 10 ($16/class), $280 for 20 ($14/class) - include phone and email coaching

This is obviously a large jump, but necessary due to types of programs and facilities we are adding and our desire to try and keep a high coach:athlete ratio.  

What does this mean for you:

1. Current members who wish to upgrade and have access to specialty classes will have a window of opportunity (14 days) to lock in at lower prices  indefinitely (Scaled - $117, Rx - $145, Rx+ - $175, Partner Rx+ - $280).  If you choose to bypass this window, and decide to upgrade later, you will not have access to these prices.

2. Current members who do not wish to upgrade, and have no desire to ever take a specialty class.  You will not be required to upgrade.  We will not adjust your membership rate.  You will still have access to the facilities and  the coaches, also by phone and email, and business will remain as usual.  If, down the line, you decide that you want to get involved in powerlifting, run club, or another specialty class then you will have to upgrade to the new membership levels, at then current prices.

3. Punch Card Holders - you may purchase as many punch cards as you wish before Feb 1.  On Feb 2, the punch card price will go up to the above posted values.

We will still offer discounts as listed on our pricing page.

Saturday classes and open gym will still be included in your membership.  If a Saturday class is at a location you are not a primary member of, you may still attend that class.

What do you need to do:

If you want to upgrade (you want to go to powerlifting, running, mobility, etc..) - advise us by email to cancel your current membership and what membership level you want from this point forward.

If you do not want to upgrade - ensure that your membership is set where you would like it, we will not adjust it.  It will continue to renew and be active, but you will not be able to switch to another package.  Any switch after the prices change will put you at the upgraded membership level.

If you want to lock in your rate at any current membership level, it needs to be done before February 1
If you have any questions, please see Jeff  or Mollie. 

It continues to be our goal to provide the highest level of coaching and service possible.  We are grateful for all of you and keep up the awesome job!

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