CrossFit NOLA represented on Day 1!! Here's a quick summary:

Team: In the morning, Ryne and Andrea represented the team and finished Jackie in 14:01, tying for 8th (Ryne PR'd in the WOD)! In the afternoon, the whole team competed. All 6 found an overhead squat 3-rep combined max of 1,140 pounds, tying for 12th. Finally, the team had 7 minutes to complete as many burpee-muscle ups as possible, and completed a combined 68 for 15th place. Brandon, Liz, Ryne, Kelsey, Aaron, and Andrea go into day 2 in 12th place overall, starting in heat 2 at 9am.

Mollie: In the morning, Mollie finished Jackie in 8:04, tying for 28th. Then, Mollie completed an overhead squat 3-rep max of 130 pounds!! After a quick rest, she did the burpee-muscle up wod, finishing 5 in 7 minutes!! Mollie made a goal for herself, and she ended up beating it! WTG  Mollie! She finishes day 1 in 35th place and competes in her first WOD Saturday at 11am in heat 1.

Jeff: Jeff completed Jackie in 5:29, tied for 12th place. Jeff then went into the afternoon WOD, first finding an overhead squat 3-rep max of 275, but then completing 2-reps at 285 before time was called. That gave him a 4th place finish. Jeff then went into the burpee-muscle ups, finishing 23! Jeff heads into Saturday in 18th place overall, going at 1:45pm in heat 3.

Follow all the action by clicking here! (I'll try to post updates at the end of the day Saturday.)

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