CrossFit NOLA had another strong showing on Day 2 in San Antonio!

TEAM: Brandon, Liz, Ryne, Andrea, Aaron, and Kelsey started the day doing 30 wall balls, 30 chest-to-bar, 30 pistols, and 30 one-arm dumbbell snatches each in a relay fashion. The team finished in 22:56, or 18th place for that WOD. Then, Liz and Aaron attacked deadlifts and box jumps. Aaron completed 21-15-9 at 275/30", followed immediately by Liz doing 21-15-9 at 185/24". They finished in 10:50! The team goes into Day 3 in 16th place overall, with Kelsey and Brandon tackling double unders, HSPUs, TTB, shoulder-to-overhead, and FR lunges at 9am!

MOLLIE: The hundreds WOD was back, but this time with wall balls (14#), chest-to-bar, pistols, and one-arm dumbbell snatches (50#). Mollie pushed herself through at a great pace, getting through 15 snatches when time was called for a 26th place finish in that WOD. In the afternoon, she did 21-15-9 of deadlifts at 205# and box jumps at 24". Mollie finished in 7:59, with one second to spare before time was called!! That gave her a 30th place finish, and she goes into day 3 in 35th place overall! She does tomorrow's first WOD at 9:50am.

JEFF: Jeff's first WOD of the day was the hundreds WOD as well, doing 100 each of wall balls (20#), chest-to-bar pullups, pistols, and one-arm dumbbell snatches at 70#. In this killer WOD, Jeff got through 80 of the snatches when time was called, finishing in 12th place! Jeff's afternoon WOD was 21-15-9 of 315# deadlifts and 30" box jumps. Jeff finished in only 5:07, putting him in 14th place for this WOD! Jeff now sits in 12th place overall, and is only 2 points shy of being in the top 10! Jeff attacks the first WOD tomorrow at 12:20 (Jeff is in the last heat for the first WOD, and they have been streaming the last heat of most events at, be sure to check it out!).

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