9am Powerlifting Fundamentals with Rae

Get ready for your upgraded membership to kick in by attending Powerlifting Fundamentals this Sunday, January 29th at 9am. Class will be held in the Uptown gym, sign up on MindBody. Afterwards, come to Powerlifting class at 10am and stay for Mobility at 11:30am. Questions? Email raeshih@gmail.com. 

Powerlifting Fundamentals introduces the basic warmups, lifts, and accessory exercises used in Powerlifting class. It is a prerequisite for the regular Powerlifting class and open to anyone who has already finished regular Fundamentals classes. Make room in your schedule to come this Sunday because the next Fundamentals will probably be after Mardi Gras. If you can't make it, you can schedule a one-on-one (or small group) with Rae. 

Normal Powerlifting class times are Tuesdays at 7:30pm, Fridays at 5:30pm, Saturdays at 9am, and Sundays at 10am. This is a structured program, so consistently coming to as many as you can is key to achieving your SMART goals.

10am Powerlifting with Rae
1130-1230 Active Recovery with Rae
(learn to Mobilize and Stretch properly!)
Sign up on Mindbody!

Open Gym: 2-4 pm

(come in and make up a missed wod!)

Remember to let us know if you will be  upgrading your membership by January 31st. Rates will be locked on Feb 1st and any change will result in the new pricing structure. Email Jeff or Mollie at crossfitnola@gmail.com

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