Thanks to everyone who participated in WWI between the uptown and midcity gyms.  It was an awesome time, a great experinece and very inspring for everyone to see!  The coaches are incredibly proud and humbled by your efforts.  It was exciting to see how close the battle ended up being, about a 5% difference in pionts between the two gyms.  I have pasted a link to the score sheet below.

For a quick recap:  Midcity won WOD 1a and 2b, while uptown had a slight advantage in WOD 1b, 2a, and 3, giving them the victory.  The final score was 4283-4030.  The scores were determined by the finishing order and the divisoin.  Each workout was worth 300 points for Rx and 200 for Scaled, depending on how you finished, you received part or all of those points.  

For those of you who didn't come, keep training, next WW will be in 6 months or so!

Link to scorecard:

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