The Spring Whole Life Challenge has came and went.   Congratulations to all who participated and even more congratulations to all those who made it all the way through!  We had a larger percentage of people fall off the wagon for this challenge, which is definitely disappointing.... The common excuse was that it was an inconvenient time of the year (not valid).  The next challenge will likely be in the fall, and will likely be another inconvenient time of the year.  There isn't going to be an 'idea' time and there never will be... The idea is to stop waiting for the perfect time and make the commitment to yourself!

For those who made it through, we had some outstanding results!  More than a couple people commented that have lost over 15 lbs and we had about 15 participants lose 5+ inches off their waist and hips!  Loosing bellyfat instantly decreases your risk for CVD and diabetes, so congrats guys!

The winners were ranked according to their food score, percentage improvement in WOD, and percentage inches lost.  1st is $300, 2nd is $200, 3rd is $100

For the Men:
1. Damon B. - 10 inches lost and 38 rep improvement on the baseline workout, he ranked #1 in both catagories
2. Todd T. - perfect food score, 3.5 inches lost, 24 rep improvement on workout
3. Todd S. - 25 rep improvement in workout, 5.5 inches lost

For the Women:
1. Allison V. - perfect food score, 36 rep improvement on workout, 5.5 inches lost
2. Andrea S - near perfect food score, 27 rep improvement on workout, 5 inches lost
3. Louise T. - perfect food score, 20 rep improvement on workout, 3.5 inches lost

For those of you who know these challengers, the difference is remarkable!  I hope that everyone involved has picked up a habit, or learned something during the challenge that they can apply to life outside of the challenge.  Contact Jeff to set up a spot to pick up your check!

Also, one of our members is donating his Miami Beach House for a week  each to the 1st place female and  1st place male winners. So big congrats to Allison and Damon!!! I will be emailing you  more info about your exciting vacation!

4/15/2013 02:09:03 pm

Go Allison! Spitting out that pita chip was so worth it right??!?!?!


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