The registration link for the WLC is up and running!


Go ahead and get signed up!  Prelims are Feb 16th, coming up in less than 3 weeks.  They will be held on Saturday morning at CrossFit NOLA 504, located at 540 N Cortez, in midcity

In addition the Reebok CrossFit Games Open registration will start tomorrow!  This will be the biggest CrossFit competition ever, looking to increase the number of participants which was about 70,000 last year.  The Open will last 5 weeks and will be held at CrossFit NOLA and CrossFit NOLA 504 starting early in March.  The Open workouts (1 per week) will be judged and scored by your CrossFit NOLA coaches and interns, which will give you a worldwide ranking on a weekly basis.  The top 48 men and top 48 women (down from 60 last year) finishers in each region will be invited to the Regional competition, which will occur later this spring.  Last year Mollie and Jeff were fortunate enough to make the cut.  Jeff is looking to do the same, and Mollie will be competing in the 40-45 age group to try and earn a ticket directly to the games.  She needs to finish top 20 in the world!

We will also be attempting to send a team again this year.  CrossFit NOLA has made it to the regional competition the past 2 years and is looking to improve on a 12th place finish is 2012.  

After you register for the open, you will need to join an affiliate and a team (optional).  Both CrossFit NOLA and CrossFit NOLA 504 will have teams.  YOU NEED TO REGISTER FOR THE AFFILIATE AND TEAM OF THE GYM WHERE YOU TRAIN OVER 50% OF THE DAYS.  So if you visit both locations on a regular basis, pick where you are more than 50% of the time and join that team. 

Unlike last year, where the top open finishers had first dibs on the team spots, this year we will be selecting team members to try and send a complete a team as possible.  Top finishers may be required to complete additional workouts based on strengths and needs of the team at the conclusion of the open.  A good open performance could put on on the radar for the team, so be sure to train hard and hit the open workouts with everything you have! 

As a final note or word of caution:  The Open is an awesome, empowering, character building experience, and if you participate it will probably leave you humbled but inspired.  No one is ever happy with how they do, coaches included, and it is at mentally trying 5 weeks.  But each year we have had people push to their limits and do things that they did not think they were capable of doing.  This year will be no different, and maybe you will be the one who inspires us all for next year!
2/2/2013 10:13:29 am

How is the open setup at 504? Are the workouts held/judged only on certain days and times of the week?


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